Why we need use eco -friendly straws?

Plastic straws are mostly single use product. A deeply shocking thing was 25.3 billion straws were being disposed of in Europe. A statistic within the US said that we humans use 500 million plastic straws per day. The environmental impact of plastic straws is worse once they enter the marine environment. Due to the lightweight, plastic straws have potential to blow out of the garbage bins. They simply out of the bins and get into the waterways such as rivers or canals that lead to oceans. Birds can also root the negative impact of plastics straws by digesting them. The straws they ingest would remain in their stomachs until they die. Correspondingly, the plastic straws escape into waterways when the birds decompose. Plastics straws are usually washed off together with other plastics because of their light weight. When they are collected together they can easily gather into massive ocean garbage patches. When plastic straws enter the ocean, they will break down into micro plastics. These harmful smaller pieces are ingested by the marine wildlife such as sea turtles. Because of these micro plastics, salt from sea water also contains plastics. Plastic straws are not only affecting marine life but affecting humans as well. To reduce all these, we humans should use alternative straws.

source from SAFETY4SEA

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